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Multi Uses Of Sea Buckthorn(Infographic)

Multi Uses of Sea Buckthorn Sea buckthorn is a shrub that grows in very harsh areas of the Himalayas and lay areas. roots of sea buckthorn grow 200 feet below the ground level. Roots of sea buckthorn absorb the mineral from deep inside the earth. And this is the reason every part of the sea … Read more

Vital Vitamins Present in Sea Buckthorn(Infographic)

About Vitamins Multiple vitamins present in sea buckthorns like A, B, C, D, E, K, and multivitamins. Vitamins are the organic compound that is essential for our physiological growth insufficient amount. The human body acquires vitamins from food because the human body can’t synthesize by own. Nowadays our diet is not rich in vitamins and … Read more

Wondrous Sea Buckthorn Plant (The Mistry of Nature)

Sea Buckthorn plant is a shrub[1] whose Latin name is Hippophae rhamnoides is a rare species of fruit. It is native from northwestern Europe[2], through central Asia[3] to the Altai Mountains[4] to Western and northern china and the northern Himalayas, China, Mongolia, Russia, and Canada. Sea buckthorn Plant The Sea buckthorn plant is in the … Read more

Amazing Health Benefits Of Sea Buckthorn(Top 10)

The SEA BUCKTHORN fruit is also known throughout the world as Sandthorn, Sanborn, and Siberian Pineapple. Sea buckthorn Health Benefits are really miraculous. It is a powerhouse of macronutrients and micronutrients. It has numerous health benefits among which the top 10 health benefits of sea buckthorn are discussed below: Health Benefits of Sea Buckthorn Boost … Read more

Incredible History Of Sea Buckthorn Plant

The history of sea buckthorn plant is as colorful as its berries and dates back many years crossing diverse cultures and countries. It is used as a medicinal plant for long years. It is also called “Holy fruit”. Sea Buckthorn plant is a shrub that grows in very harsh areas of the Himalayas and gives … Read more

What Is Sea Buckthorn (You Should Know)

You should know what is sea buckthorn as it is a miracle on the earth. We can also say “The Mistry of Nature”. Research is going on from the 13th century. It has great history. What is sea buckthorn? Sea Buckthorn is also called “MIRACLE BERRY” Because it contains more than 190 bioactive compounds. It … Read more